Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Private Videos on YouTube – How to watch them in easy way (not only thumbnails, WHOLE VIDEO!)

How to watch private YouTube videos?Have you ever got link to YouTube video which didn’t worked for you because it was private? Probably yes, but we guess you never thought that it’s possible to watch even if you did not get permission. Actually – it is, and you don’t have to be professional hacker. You just need special framed link to the video (you don’t need to download anything).

How to watch private video on YouTube?
It’s so simple. Just paste link to private video to the field below.
Do you want to get links to all private videos from specified YouTube channel? No problem! Paste link to YouTube channel and our script will find all private videos to channel specified by you, and then you can copy all links and paste them to frist field below.




  • Ability to watch any private video on YouTube without software
  • Show links to all private videos on specified YT channel.





Status: online  Updated November 16, 2017


Private Videos YT Watcher
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251 comments so far on Private Videos on YouTube – How to watch them in easy way (not only thumbnails, WHOLE VIDEO!)

  1. Did you guys knew that pewdiepie have private videos?! i watched them haha

  2. Worked for me, I watched private video of my friend

  3. i don't like these surveys...

  4. worked like a charm. I got special link to that private video and it was possible to watch

  5. Currently watching private videos :D

  6. thank you dawn-download

  7. This is exactly what I was looking for!

  8. Pewdiepie said about this website in his video :D

  9. i am too stupid to do these surveys


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