Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Photoshop Tutorial | How to adjust perspective/rotation of pasted photo on other photo.

Hello user. In this first tutorial i will show you how to set perspective of photo in Photoshop.
It’s very simple and easy. Let’s go.

As an example we will use this image:

Lim Ding Wen, world’s youngest Apple developer. Photo source: Wikipedia

We will try to paste different image on the computer screen.

First you have to do is find image you want to paste on the screen, we will use our website home.


Our website screenshot raw pasted on the original photo.

Now we have to select layer with the screenshot and go to Edit -> Perspective Warp


Remember about clickin on the correct layer before.

Now you are turned to Perspective warp mode. Select the screenshot like on shown GIF.

Select your image

After that change Layout mode to Warp on the left top corner like on the image shown below.

You must select [Warp]

Now drag corners of the screenshot to the corners of computer screen on background image.


Drag corners of the screenshot to the corners of monitor

The result of our work:

Result of our work.

And that is end of tutorial, but if the result is not rewarding enough, we can also adjust the brightness and colors and add reflections, but that will be shown in next tutorials.

Very finish result after adjusting brightness, and adding some appropriate effects and blur.


If you don’t have “Perspective Warp” feature in your Photoshop – you have too old version. If you do have this feature but its shown as non-clickable (gray) – you don’t have enough RAM memory specified for Photoshop.

Go to EDIT -> Preferences -> Performance and raise availale RAM and check “Use Graphics Processor”

On some computers, “Perspective Warp” function may be unavailable.

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