Posted on Oct 24, 2015
Photoshop Tutorial | How to add new object to the image

Photoshop Tutorial | How to add new object to the image

Adding new objects to the images is the very basic action that can be done in Photoshop. It’s quite easy and very simple, and if learn it you are almost able to do anything that you want in PS. Let’s do this step by step.

For the purposes of this tutorial we will use this image below, and we’re going to add an airplane flying over the hills.


The first step to adding object on other image is to open 2 files in Photoshop, one with background (image where you’d like to add new object) and one with image which contains the object you would like to cut and paste to the other image.

Open the background and image with object using the Photoshop

Now we will work with the plane image. The first thing we have to do is remove the background, in this case we will do it using Magic Wand Tool. Remember to adjust the tolerance of this tool (it depends how does the background look like – in this case, it’s almost uniform background so we will set the tolerance value to low.) and then click at the background.

Selecting the background

Now we have selected background, but we need to select the plane instead. To do that we go to Select -> Inverse. You can also use keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+I

Inverse the selection

We can end selecting the plane now, but we want it to look more realistic so go to Select -> Refine Edge. Don’t worry, it’s easy

Refine Edge

Refine Edge Menu should show now. Choose the best setting for you. For this image we used
Radius: 1,4
Smooth: 6
Feather 0,2


Choose the best setting for you


Now that’s all if we’re talking about selecting the object. Press CTRL+C (copy ) and go to the image in which you want to paste the plane. Click on it and then press CTRL+V (paste)

Paste the object

Now choose the best position of airplane in the background. If you want to show some objects on the background which are behind the plane we must cut fragments of the object. To do that you have to disable layer with plane. Use the eye icon near your layer

Unshow the layer

Using any selection tool (Polygonal Lasso tool is the best for that) you must select objects you want to be shown.

Selecting fragments of the glacier


Now enable your layer with the plane again and press delete button – it will remove fragments of objects you don’t want to be visible!

Removing fragments of your object


We can end our tutorial now but we will make our plane look better. So at first let’s go to the Image -> Adjustments -> Match color

Matching color

Options of color matching depends on your image totality

Options of color matching

Now colors of the plane are okay, but it looks too clearly. Background (photo of glacier) looks blurry and less clearly than the airplane. Let’s blur it!

Make the plane look blurry like the background

It looks very good now, however we can add also motion blur. It’s the plane in the air so it will look good.

Motion blur

And that’s all. Hope this tutorial helped you with familiarizing with Photoshop. Have fun!

The final image

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