Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Penumbra Overture – The meeting of fear

Please note that Penumbra Overture is the first part of Penumbra Series.
Penumbra: Overture is a perfect example of that FPP can be a good adventure game. And also there is by no means that the title is addressed only to a small group of players

No light, claustrophobic interiors, forgotten mine and psychedelic music. Downright creepy, huh? This game sounds like a perfect recipe for success.

A dark secret that emanates from the dark past. Ice wasteland and abandoned mine, where workers just disappeared, strange sounds coming from the dark… The game’s story and it’s mood are clearly inspired by H.P Lovecraft.

In this series you won’t be fighting with strange looking monsters, it’s not the point of this game. Ironically this game is very realistic, although you’ll see many unusual phenomena. You are not able to fight, all you have to do is run – and it makes this episode very scary. At the end of this review i would like to show you an awesome art from the Penumbra series.

You need to play this game if you want to prove yourself that you are not a coward! Visit Frictional Games Studio website

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  1. very good game although its old.. i was so scared :)

  2. Ok game but i prefer Amnesia


  4. it tried to play it when i was 14 but i was too scared XD

  5. Good game, i am now interested in life of Inuits because of this game!

  6. it is worse than black plague and it's very creepy

  7. I bought all episodes today and its funny because its even not protected by cd key

  8. @old8bit it's bug... you must deal with it



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