Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Chaturbate Tokens for Free | [MEDIAFIRE] How we got 1000 Tokens in one minute

chaturbate application

We’d like to present you newest updated tool dedicated for very popular camsite – Chaturbate. If you are habitue there you for sure know that Tokens are very desirable there and you probably think there is no other way than paying real money for them. You are totally wrong because tokens are still clientside on Chaturbate – that means you are allowed to add them for free using third party applications like you can download below. This is undetectable because getting or losing Tokens on Chaturbate are not logged anywhere on their servers. Our application is able to add only amount specified by us – that’s because we don’t want people who add billions of tokens and send them to everyone – it would destroy Chaturbate economy.


  • Ability to add specified amount TOKENS
  • Logging is not required, application just need your login.
  • Setting your account to Supporter
  • Undetectable



Status: online  Updated November 16, 2017




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370 comments so far on Chaturbate Tokens for Free | [MEDIAFIRE] How we got 1000 Tokens in one minute

  1. LOL i thought it was joke but i really got 1000 tokens

  2. some idiot using this is giving away 1000 token to everyopn

  3. So that is how people are getting so much tokens :D

  4. how to complete survey? ...

  5. finally i found this

  6. please someone help me how to use this tool :(


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